My Neighbor’s Lawn

You know I’m the worst,

when it comes to doing things right,

so I left you in the way

I let go of things

that crack like melting ice.

The pedals are falling

and the grass is blooming without me.

Ocean Floor.

I need someone deeper than the ocean, who finds interest in my depth as much as my surface. Everything that I form into when life takes volume. Hoping that who I become is becoming to you.

Cause and Effect

There’s no room for a big heart in a small town and that’s why we are all leaving or sinking. So we drown each other in expectations and tests to compare how others are treating. Cause and effect, the weather changes like the dialect. Storms are always brewing inside the calmness and reassurance that we all interact with the same reasoning.


My mind

and the Earth

tilt on the same axis.

I don’t always spin the same,

and sometimes I wobble through

the times when the sun

and the moon shine. 

Like the planets I still keep going

regardless of the current time

and placement of how

my stars align.  

The Illusion of Separation

I had a dream that the ocean grew tall

and took away everything I ever loved.

Longing for the current of your hands

to obsess over my skin

and create enough erosion

so that my scars are no longer my pain. 

Sea shells asked me to marry

the shore and the pearl

took words out of my mouth like I never had a choice,

or a chance. 

My legs grew into one

was it a blessing or a curse,

I thought I would never know. 

I swam into the darkness,

with nothing to lose

but maybe a little more of myself…

and I found in the depth of the terror,

something beautiful once blossomed there. 

The sun beamed into the darkness

and my body floated to the surface,

I saw beauty in the sunset and recognized

that the scars of the earth

have always been romanticized. 

The storm of mother nature has touched me in ways

that all of my acquaintances have changed me. 

Eyes are clouds

and hands are lightning,

corrupting everything that stands still. 


I dreamed of freckles on my skin

and me under yours. 

I am not angry at you

just on how we may end up.

You know, I was never anything special

to anyone, I didn’t last?

I could tear my walls down,

or you could climb them for me, just this once.

Taking Advantage

You said my skin was soft,

and my lips kept you calm

like the pillows that carried your

heavy thoughts into the clouds

to take you into a dream.

My softness turned into something vulnerable

as if my kindness was a sign that

I was winning a battle inside

that would fall to its knees for you.

Every inch of my skin

was crawling with self doubt

and how anyone could love me

like you did,

like your hands that took hold of

a soul that wasn’t yours,

but maybe there was no love

in someone who couldn’t see

that my insides were as hard as bone

and the cold wind of every person

who ever hurt me was lingering

in the lightning of my eyes.

The waters evaporated

as the fire caressed my cheek

turning to invisible salt, 

only hoping you wouldn’t realize

my softness couldn’t save me

or you. 

Ceiling Gods

I began searching for

signs, in the images textured

on the ceiling like constellations

that get me lost in the sky. 

Over and over my

bedroom told tales

of love and hate,

and how I’ve become my name.

Ive been staring at the

same signs for 20 years,

and I can never begin

to wrap my head around

what the constant spinning could

tell me. 

The edge of the bed

is like tip-toeing away

from people like you,

who have made me toxic

in the best and worst ways. 

The foundation has

painted the same lines

for ever since I can remember,

and we still changed. 

dievorfreude asked:
I am very happy to have come across this tumblr of yours. Love, your writing is absolutely breathtaking, and I thank you, ever so greatly, for sharing your personal thoughts and poetry with us. you are so much more than just a pretty face. you are infinitely beautiful, within and without... A heart of gold, and a smile that could trouble anyone's heartbeat. Keep on keeping on, doll. you're a wonderful woman and I hope that you will always remember that.

this compliment really blew me away.  thank you so much for taking the time to read my poetry, and I hope it was relateable to you <3 

Anonymous asked:
I know this isn't a question and you probably get a million for these but you are so beautiful!

someone understands!!!!! it isn’t a question. :D  thanks for pointing that out!  EVERYONE TAKE THIS AS AN EXAMPLE